About Us

Madhu Chemicals was established in the year 1980, under the leadership of Late. Janakbhai D. Bhatt , With his great determination and hardwork, Madhu Chemicals have become India’s leading Manufacturer and Supplier. Owing to his vast experience in the field of Dye-Intermediates Chemicals Industry, we have surpassed all our competitors in the market.

Madhu Chemicals was incorporated way back in 1980 as a Trading House of Chemicals, and since there is no looking back.

Today, MADHU CHEMICALS has almost 40+ long years of experience in the field of Trading of Chemicals, Solvents and Intermediates.Being in the same business, it’s the second generation that still is working and following the tradition laid by our founder. It’s not just the traditions that has helped us but also the positive and flexible nature of our people which helped us to stand distinctively in the perfect competitive market.

After a modest beginning, we have grown into a multi faceted, multi product company due to our dynamic marketing, high morals, services & high standards of quality concern.

With a strong vision of corporate governance, business ethics and customer satisfaction, we are growing from strength to strength.

Madhu Chemicals, Dealer of chemicals in Ahmedabad.

MADHU CHEMICALS , We Supply chemicals in refilled drum, in tankar and in intact.

Acetone | Diethanolamine | Perchloroethylene
Acetonitrile | Dimethylformamide | Phenol
Acetic Acid | Ethyl Acetate | Phosphoric Acid
Ammonium Bicarbonate | Ferrous sulphate | Phtheliec Anhydrate
Ammonium Chloride | Formic Acid | Potassium Carbonate
Ammonium Sulphate | Gum Rosins | Potassium Sulphate
Ammonium Per Sulphate (Pure) | Hexamine | Propylene Glycol
BAM | KCL (Potassium Chloride) | S H M P
Bisphenol | Magnesium Sulphate | Soda Ash
Butylcarbitol | Manganese Sulphate | Sodium Dichromate
Calcium Carbonate | Maleic Anydride | Sodium Nitrite / Nitrate
Calcium Chloride | MEG MEK | Sodium Sulphate
Caustic Soda / Potash Flakes | Melamine | Sodium Sulphide
Caustic Soda Lye | Methylenedichloride | Styrene Monomer
Copper Sulphate | Morpholine | T G Urea
Cyclohexanone | NBA | T M A
DEG | N-Butanol | Toluene
Di Acetone Alcohol | N-Propanol | VAM
Dimethyleneglycol | PEG | Zinc Sulphate